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Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt – 26-1-2013

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt 26th January 2013
Portsmouth, Hampshire

This was our second theatre ghost hunt in two weeks. Groundlings Theatre was previously a school and we were hoping to have some evidence from this period of time. However with the Theatre being so active with spirits, from all periods of time, we were unsure what to expect.

I had commandeered the costume wardrobe room for all of my sessions as this was a very interesting room and one which I quite liked on my initial visit, this room had atmosphere. The other members of my team had all of the upstairs rooms including the main part of the theatre.

The first session was a little slow to start but a female spirit energy called Annabelle who was 23 years old joined us. She was quite tall at 5’11” and slim, wearing a dress that covered her from neck to boots, her boots were brown leather and she had dark hair. She was a little shy and wouldn’t tell me how she passed, which is an indication that it probably wasn’t pleasant. The year she gave me was 1908.

We started our séance after some brief but very positive electronic communication I asked for Annabelle to move the guests’ arms. After a while Annabelle started with me and slowly people around the circle all felt their arms go numb or a strange pins & needle sensation just before their arms slowly raised. Once people’s arms had risen to a sufficient height I then asked one of them to ask in their heads which way Annabelle should move their arms with a simple choice of up, down, left or right. Every time someone asked Annabelle would reciprocate and move their arms accordingly.

After everyone had experienced this, I asked for Annabelle to give all the guests a little push or to pull them back and once again many guests (not everyone though) felt a strange unbalancing sensation, especially Jim (Theatre Management) and just as we had started to get some very good movement and the guests had become less nervous and excited by what Annabelle was able to achieve we had to stop, because I had told the other members of my team a time, but I had no idea that this time had come and gone.

The second group to the wardrobe room I started immediately with a séance as I wanted those guests to experience what the first group had.

Once again Annabelle joined us and she proceeded to move the guests’ arms in much the same fashion as the first group, although this time the movements were quicker and more defined as if Annabelle had figured out how to move us more efficiently. Once the majority of people had experienced arm movement, I then asked for her to move people and once again she obliged, this time however more people felt definite movements and some of the guests were now asking for different people to be moved. Annabelle carried out their instructions every time.

At the end of this séance session, the guests wandered around the various costumes with some of our electronic equipment. I noticed another spirit energy had wandered in, his name was George and his was approximately 55 years old. George had turned up with his horse called Teddy, presumably after Theodore Roosevelt (USA President who gave his name to the Teddy bear). George smoked a pipe and was wearing a white shirt with dots and flowers and corduroy trousers. His hair was dark, possibly black and he had what I would call busy sideburns. He had no relation to the theatre or the building in general as he was just passing. Calling out to George didn’t result in anyone feeling anything so we finished the session.

The third and final group to the wardrobe room I started with a séance immediately. Once again Annabelle was still present and willingly she moved the majority of the guests’ arms on demand. Robyn (Guest who was on my left) asked Annabelle to move our arms in all sorts of strange positions and even to lunge at people and grab a scarf off another guest, to touch the floor and to swing our arms really fast. Annabelle completed all of these requests which she found (as did we) rather amusing. However when I asked Annabelle to try to move people like previous sessions, she found this more difficult, although some people were being moved and swayed but the movements seemed to be harder or that Annabelle required more energy than we were able to give her. I decided that since the movements were now getting slower and involved less people that we should stop the session.

After we had completed three controlled sessions, we then let the guests roam throughout the building with our equipment so that they could do their own vigils or participate in activities that they enjoyed the first time around. Many guests used this opportunity to use Ouija boards or to visit areas and rooms on their own.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with an unprecedented level of activity experienced by the guests. We had trigger objects being moved by spirits, ghost voices recorded and various unexplained phenomena however nothing of interest was recorded on our seven cameras that we had set up throughout the building. The ghost voices are still being analysed and will be posted on our website as soon as possible.

The Ghost Hunt Events team consisted of:-
Kym – Paranormal Investigator,
Sean – Paranormal Investigator,
Marc – Paranormal Investigator,
Carl – Paranormal Investigator,
Jo – Paranormal Investigator,
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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