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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 9-6-2012 (Two)

Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt – 9th June 2012

Having mustered group A MW and Kym set up vigil in area 10, commencing in the right hand side room as you enter the area. A ouija table, hand bell, singing bowl and candles had been installed prior to the guests arrival, and trigger objects set out in area 21 (a wooden cross, two old type florins, equivalent to 10p nowadays, and a small packet of old type cigarettes and an old matchbox). The group joined hands and embarked upon a séance/vigil, with Kym and MW calling out, assisted by Carl who was also responsible for video camera work. Several guests noted a distinct change in temperature, getting colder, with a “breeze” apparent on several occasions during this initial phase. MW picked up on a “presence”, female, and indications of a nursing connection. No name was evident. MW also reported sensing something behind him over his left hand shoulder, supported in this “feeling” by Lisa, who also reported a “tickling sensation on her face” likened to something crawling over her skin. She felt it was her hair, and constantly sought to adjust her fringe etc only to note that it was not her hair causing the effect at all. Several other guests indicated strange sensations on their respective personage, with leg/feet tingling, two independent cases of “something touching their lower leg areas”, someone reported having been touched from behind and several instances of swaying to and fro were noted.

Whistling was emitted several times by team/staff members and on at least two occasions all agreed that they had clearly heard a response, copying the original whistle pattern. A long, pronounced sigh was reported by one guest, emanating from above and behind the group. Requests to have spirit affect the candles revealed no change at all. At one point a long, high pitched “noise” became evident, though shortly afterwards, a passing, distant vehicle or motorbike engine could be heard, which may have attributed to the original anomaly, this was inconclusive.

During filming, and in tandem with MW announcing his “feeling” a presence moving about the outer area of the circle, Carl identified separate orb activity over and above/around MW and Lisa, this was clearly seen and recorded for further analysis. With several more instances of “strange feelings” and possible “contact” the circle was abandoned and the group moved across passage way to the ouija board area. Almost instantly, guests remarked on the falling temperature, however, MW and two other guests reported feeling extremely hot and sweaty, despite the coolness of the surroundings. Making provision for protection and ensuring that only the goodness and light were requested to come forward, a session ensued with some remarkable results. Shortly after commencing, Carl appeared to be in “distress” and MW asked if he needed assistance. Having encountered a “metallic taste” in his mouth he felt nauseous and in need of some fresh air. MW took over the camera and Carl left the building.

The board/glass indicated a presence, spelling out the name “GUGZ” which MW asked was perhaps a nickname, to which a pronounced and positive “YES” was the answer. Further questioning revealed a WW1 association/connection in the fort and a possible link with conscientious objectors, indicating that the spirit may well have been a guard or similar? MW indicated another presence within the room, a male and noted a name, but refrained from speaking until further table information was revealed. Spelling out the first three letters of the name when requested “PAR” MW interjected and advised the group that he had ;picked up on the name “PARKY” which immediately received a resounding ”YES” from the board. Pursuing the questioning, it was revealed that this link emanated from WWII with no connection whatsoever to the previous contact.

A lengthy and “informative” debate/conversation ensued culminating in a request from Kym for spirit to inscribe specific shapes and figures in the middle of the table. This was successfully achieved on three separate occasions with spirit providing a pronounced triangle shape, circle and a figure of eight in the midst of the table, amazing our guests somewhat.

Carl returned at this juncture, feeling much better, and MW, almost immediately, reported a total camera failure. Further checks revealed a drained battery supply to the video recorder, which minutes previously, had indicated almost three (3) hours further taping capacity. No explanation can be given for this strange anomaly, and both MW and Carl commented on the fact that this had never happened before at this venue? Guests, not actively involved in the Ouija were invited to “explore” the surrounding lighting tunnels, especially after MW reported a strong, cold breeze, emanating from one of the apertures, housing the candles, clearly affecting the flame. It should be noted here that the weather outside was still, calm and quite “warm and humid”, considering the recent gale force winds encountered in the locale. Other guests confirmed their having felt this “breeze” and noted a distinct fall in temperature simultaneously. MW reported the presence of a male spirit possibly called Ted who was moving around the room, but did not appear to engage with the guests via the board. When asked, Parky did refer to other spirits being present but could not define the number as requested, via the board. Pro Ghost Meter activity throughout the vigil was constant and regular though with the activity evident on the board, guests were not engaging with the meter so much, feeling more inclined to question and “communicate! with spirit via the Ouija board. KII EMF Meter activity was zero! The MEL Meter registered background, ambient readings no higher that 0.2mG Board activity declined until suddenly, and after several changes in guest involvement and participation, a new “contact” engaged with the group, at first tentatively, and with mixed, legible/credible messaging. However, in depth, specific, questioning, from two guests, confident that the letters being indicated were revealing details of a person that had passed, who knew one of those guests, proved fruitful. Scott Warner, an eighteen year old male, who died very suddenly, revealed himself through the board. Guarded questions from the two guests involved eventually did reveal factual evidence of this engagement, particularly the fact that this spirit had attained British, Judo Championship status, in his short lifetime. Clearly, the two guest involved, expressed emotional surprise, and after further engagement with the spirit, surprise at the clarity and information of the encounter both factually and personally. It transpires that Mark (guest) was a relative of this unfortunate young man and appeared convinced that he had indeed encountered the lads spirit.

Several times guests noted distinct cold spots within the immediate séance area. Throughout our time in area 10, constant, background mumbling could be heard, almost totally not connected with fellow investigators in the far off area 34. Checks indicated that there were no other people in the immediate area. Strange and general noises were apparent sporadically and “knocks/taps” were distinguishable at certain stages of the vigil. An EVP was undertaken in area 10 the details and data recorded still awaiting full analysis, though during, on site playback, there does appear to be some evidence of response/engagement at various points in the tape. Closing down the Ouija activity the group wandered through the tunnel towards the smoking area where several guests were invited to “explore” the area 21 lighting tunnels. MW broke off with several guests to visit the upper room in area 21 where trigger objects had been placed earlier in the evening. Guests were surprised to note that the wooden cross and one of the coins had indeed moved very slightly. During an encounter in the lighting tunnel, Matt and Simon heard footsteps behind them, accompanied by MW, and felt as if they were being followed very closely. Both guests were unnerved by this experience and asked to leave the area. A similar result ensued with Tom and Ryan. Upstairs, a brief EVP was undertaken and the results remain to be fully analysed.

The first session ended shortly afterwards and a refreshment break ensued.

The session with Group B, accompanied by the same staff/team members, went far more “quietly”. Area 10, the right hand side room, séance/hand holding session revealed very little activity with one female guest reporting feeling as if she were “swaying”, and Kym with guest to right were also being pushed backwards. Ouija activity in the adjacent room was extremely slow and subdued. However, once the glass began to move, the guests were led around the table, in a clockwise, circular motion, the glass actually spinning beneath their fingers. Messaging was indecipherable in the main with some words being evident but little meaningful or intelligent outcome being achieved. As the circular motion of the glass led the guests around the table, vibration and “wobbling” was reported by the guests. This increased, and strangely enough, appeared to be more intense, when female guests only requested activity on the board.

It was then decided the guests tried table tipping and whilst this was happening Kym filmed two orbs in the doorway.  Kym & Carl then moved into the corridor and twice heard whistling.  Kym returned to film the table being moved and felt a coldness to her right, described as a freezer door being opened.  Guests on the table in front felt this too. The table began to “shudder” and “shake”, faintly at first but building up gradually to a pronounced rocking and even an attempt to move the table across the floor surface. To illustrate the table movement more obviously, MW rested the hand bell on the table and during filming by Kym, the bell actually was made to ring clearly with the movement of the table by spirit.

Guests were clearly excited and surprised at this anomaly, and constantly sought to double check that there was no mechanical movement or false indications creating the activity of the table. MW encountered a strong and sudden headache at this juncture, which passed within ten minutes. Leaving the area 10 rooms behind, the group transited the tunnel once again, leading out into the open air and the smoking area.

After a short refreshment break, the final vigil began with a brief to enable guests an almost free range opportunity to engage in activities throughout the Fort. Paul, the “owner” assisted by taking small groups of guests to view the WWII graffiti areas. MW assisted guests in brief visits to area 21 again, area 34, where an EVP ensued, the data still to be analysed. Finally, a combined group visited area 26 where a laser grid was set up and calling out ensued.

Another EVP ensued and data will need to be reviewed. A hand holding séance, filmed by Sean, was undertaken with various anomalous results most interesting being two distinct “knocks or taps” from an adjacent wall. Very little else was reported or encountered by guests during the closing stages of the evening. A final and brief visit to the upper room in area 21, to check and retrieve the trigger objects revealed further slight movement to the cigarette box and the coin. MW also convened a brief EVP exercise whilst retrieving the goods the details of which still need analysing. The event finished at 0200 with guests appearing happy, contented and sufficiently satisfied with the event in general.

The full video footage from this event will be available on by the end of June 2012. Episodes will be priced at £1 each.

Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator
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