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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 8-6-2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 8th June 2013
Chatham, Kent

As a team we always look forward to our ghost hunts at Fort Horsted, as many of us have had some very unique experiences as well as our guests. We were also hoping that some of the things that happened during out previous visit on 18th May would happen again. The full investigation team were also in attendance so we have some video footage of the nights’ activities.

I started in my favourite area of the fort, it is also the furthest walk through some of the spookiest tunnels.

We were joined by a female spirit energy who I have seen before at this fort, and a male spirit energy who I have not seen before. The female spirit was called Annie, a nurse. The male spirit called Christopher was aged in his mid-30s about 5’9” in height and quite chubby.

The session started with some communication via our electronic devices, although no discernible activity was seen on our KII (EMF) meters. After starting a séance to prove to the guests that the spirit were indeed with us, I asked for people arms to be moved, which seemed to take a while, but once it started the spirits were able to easily move peoples arms, which the guests found perplexing and slightly scary. The arms of the guests were moved on command and at various times pointed to different people as well as pulling some people down by their arms. Throughout this session lots of strange banging sounds were heard by everyone and many guests saw shadows in the door way and the corridor beyond. I also asked that people be swayed or pushed by the spirits and it didn’t take long before many people felt like they were on a boat and Adam (guest) got pulled backwards a lot. I finished the session early because another male energy came into the room and he wasn’t a nice person. The only information I could get out of him was his name; Tom.

After the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and although there were lots of possible ghost voices in the recordings, only two have been confirmed by our experts. You can hear these at:-

The Second group, I also brought to this same area and once again both Annie & Christopher were both present, the nasty male energy thankfully was not.

Once again after I asked for arm movement, the spirit obliged and very quickly started to move everyone that they could, however there was also some strangeness to this as many people had their chins rubbed by the hands of other guests, why I don’t really know. Also when asking for the spirit to push or pull people many guests felt the same sensations as the first. We all felt the pulling down sensation although it was not as strong as what happened to the first group.

The Third group that ventured here had much the same activity although Nick (guest) had more activity than anyone else as the spirit energies took a liking to him and pushed, pulled and swayed him throughout the session. We were also joined by a third spirit energy called David; a Second World War soldier in his late 20s.

Once again a very active and exciting ghost hunt with the guests getting lots of paranormal experiences.

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