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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 22-9-2012

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 22nd September 2012
Chatham, Kent.

This was our third visit to Fort Horsted in September, the previous two ghost hunts were quite active and all guests had some physical paranormal activity as well as experiences which left them speechless.

We were hopeful that this ghost hunt would be just as productive and we had two guests from the US who saw the Ghost Adventures show back in July and whilst in the UK on holiday decided to attend one of our ghost hunts. Click to watch the Ghost Adventures episode at Fort Horsted.

Before we had even started the area at the end of the main tunnel which is an area where many people have experienced strange things, guests and GHE staff saw some strange lights and odd noises coming from the derelict areas of the fort.

I took all groups to casement 26, as this is the most interesting part of the fort, it is also the most strenuous to get to and from. Usually we go into the rooms on the left hand side of the casement but due to two nesting squirrels we used the rooms on the right.

Whilst in this area there were sporadic levels of KII activity but a lot of communication via our electronic equipment. I suggested to a few guests to go into the small room at the back which would have been used to store ammunition. In here there was a male energy called Michael and as people held out their hands he was able to touch them and the guests felt strange sensations in their hands as well as a pins & needles in their fingers.

After joining the bulk of the guests I conducted a séance to try to get the spirit energies that were present to move the guests. Raini (guest) who was standing to my left got the most attention during this as she kept claiming that it was horrible. However the spirit energies were able to move the majority of people’s hands and arms, especially Robyn, Joanne & Graham (guests).

Many times throughout the session everyone heard the sound of talking, whispers and noises which came from the other end of the casement, none of these sounds sounded like two nesting squirrels.

The second group to come to this area were not as brave as the first group; however this did not detract from the level of activity experienced, once again there were high levels of communication via our equipment but less activity on the KII. Odd and strange noises were heard in this area again although they did not sound similar to the noises I heard earlier, these were the sounds of something being hit or dropped.

We were joined by a different male energy, his name was Charlie and he was 53 years old and passed over in 1965. Charlie was a stocky built man about 5’7” in height who was mostly bald except for a small patch at the back of his head. He gave me the impression that he was a carpenter or joiner and that he was a local man who would have worked at the Fort during the 1950s.

Charlie was able to move the hands of the majority of the guests and push or pull some of the guests which all seemed to happen with little warning.

The third group were petrified as soon as we entered the room, some of them looked like that had already seen a ghost!

The spirit activity encountered by this group was a lot less that previous groups, but there was some communication via equipment and in the séance there were some small movements felt by one or two of the guests.

No noises were heard whilst we were in this area with this group.

After the guests had experienced three sessions we then let the guests decide where they would like to go and try to experience the fort in smaller groups. We were all on hand to supervise them but the activities the guests participated in were entirely their own choice. We also gave our equipment to those guests who wanted to do lone vigils or small groups.

Many of the guests chose at this time to go back to casement 10 as the Ouija board and glass movement that the majority of groups experienced was truly exceptional, videos of this will be on our website shortly.

I however joined a group that were far away from everyone else where the group were talking to a young female energy via our electronic equipment. I suggested we hold a séance to get the energies (there were more than one) to interact with the guests. Once I had collected two guests that were investigating an area on their own and brought to this group I joined in the séance. David Corey was the name of the spirit that was in the room with us and he managed to move some of the guests hands.

The full videos of this ghost hunt are available to watch at

The GHE team for this ghost hunt were:-
Marc Weston – Paranormal Investigator
Kym McMillan – Paranormal Investigator
Sean McMillan – Paranormal Investigator
Steve Moyle – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Medium
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