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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 7-12-2013 (Kym)

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 7th December 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

After handing out equipment, the guests were surprised with the movement of the rods & pendulums when they were holding them.  We were communicating with spirit with the ghost pro’s too.  Four of the guests were sensitive/mediums and were able to pick up on the spirits with us.  We had a female that seemed agitated, possibly raped.  Then a male officer who raped the female.  He was not happy, was lonely and had been found out.  The name for the female was either Annie or Annabel.  In a later session the ghost pro confirmed her name was Annabel.  There was possibly a child born out of wedlock.  We also had a male prisoner that had helped build the fort.  Guests reported they were feeling being touched, and one guest felt like a human finger touched his head.

My second group were five ladies on a hen night.  Some were particularly nervous, but when offered pendulums and dowsing rods to use, they felt surprisingly calm.  One guest in particular felt very connected to the crystals, and hers was moving the most, swinging from side to side at force.  It looked like someone was tapping the pendulum with their hand.  With one ghost pro between them they took a wander down the corridor.  Whilst I was walking next to Alicia, who was the hen, her ghost pro lit up.  I innocently said “you have someone with you”, with this she went into panic mode, thinking I had seen a spirit next to her.  Of course there could have been, but when she realised I just meant the spirit had lit the ghost pro up, she relaxed and was able to ask spirit a few questions.  The guests started to relax and moved freely throughout the rooms, using the equipment.  We also stood looking through the camera at what was being filmed down the empty corridor, and Carl was able to point out the difference between the dust and orbs.

With my third group, again we stood at the top of the corridor using the rods & pendulums, again with guests being surprised at the movement whilst they held them.  One female in particular, whilst holding the pendulum, it was moving & swaying continuously at speed, so much so at one point the pendulum went over the top of her hand.  When the pendulums rotated or swayed, the guests asked for spirit to stop and change direction, or stop and restart, to their surprise it did.  All standing halfway down the corridor, the boys were challenging the girls to walk down the dark corridor, with no torch, and turn into the last room.  With all mostly doing it, the boys were challenged back, to which they did!  We then all went into the last room, and stood quietly in the dark for a while, listening out, and possible taps were heard in the room.

With the controlled sessions over, the guests had the opportunity to explore, with kit.  I joined a group of four in the Officers Mess with the Ouija table.  Immediately we had movement with the glass, spirit wanted to communicate.  His name was Mark Peters, age 30 I think, here at the fort in 1946.  He was accused of stealing money from the military, but did not do it.  He went to prison for it.  He said the Sergeant Andrews that is often in this area was the person who stole.  He said he was a liar.  And he was still angry for this.  Then the spirit spelt Russ, this was the name of one of the guests on the table.  The spirit wanted Russ to apologise.  I then asked if it was possible Russ was Sergeant Andrews in a previous life, Russ said yes as he was aware of some of his past lives.  We asked spirit if this was correct – he said yes.  Russ felt unsure at first about apologising for something he didn’t do, but once realising his soul did it, he apologised.  With this the glass moved to ‘goodbye’, and the spirit had gone.

What an amazing end to the night, that was one experience I did not expect, certainly a surprise to us all!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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