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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 2nd May 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 2nd May 2015
Rochester, Kent

This event was a little unusual since there were less guests than we are used to. So each team member held a session in different parts of the fort doing different activities so the guests had a normal ghost hunt.

The first session was a table tilting and Ouija board session in the Caponier where there was a male spirit called Cecil who was severely burned along his right side that affected his face, arm and leg. Cecil was responsible for the table being twisted and “walked” around part of the Caponier.

There was also a female spirit present; Annabelle who was a cook from the Second World War era she was trying to communicate via the Ouija board.

The second session was my séance session held in the Counterscarp Galleries. We were joined by a spirit who I have encountered before, his name is Bernard although he prefers the nickname Biffa. Guests were pushed, swayed and had their arms moved but only when I was near to them, not just the people either side of me but the people next to them, so I had to move around the circle for everyone to feel these movements.

There were different spirits watching (although not interacting) us than on previous visits, although these spirit may join us again or it may have been a one off.

Towards the end of the session some guests were shaking because they were cold whilst other guests were extremely warm and some guests felt cold on one side and heat on the other side of their bodies with several people having one cold hand and one warm hand. There didn’t seem to be a logical reason for this as it wasn’t a cold night and the Counterscarp galleries are sealed from the outside air.

The guests then went to participate in a tech and gadget session in the old Cartridge Stores.

After the controlled sessions the guests participated in their own style ghost hunt as we allowed them to visit any part of the fort that they had used in our controlled sessions to hold their own ghost hunt or to hold their own vigil. During this time we let the guests use our equipment.

Whilst this was not a usual ghost hunt, many guests had an excellent ghost hunt and had a paranormal encounter that they could not explain or something that they hadn’t experienced before.

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