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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 27-7-2013 – Paranormal Investigator

Fort Borstal Invitation Ghost Hunt 27th July 2013

I was in the Officers Mess for the evening and we had set up the cameras covering the corridor and three rooms, this could be viewed on a screen in one of the rooms, and was being recorded all night.  We also had the Ouija board and writing planchette in one room with the option of using blindfolds and earplugs to provide a sensory experience.

With my first group after observing the cameras for a short while, we started with the writing plancette and had movement immediately. Whilst establishing with the ghost pro who the spirit was, a female aged under 16, we heard a heavy footfall in the corridor.  The planchette continued to move, but no written message given, although it moved to the edge of the table and as one corner went over the edge of the table it started lifting up and down.  Then very quickly it stopped and we all felt the energy change.  The ghost pro confirmed we had a male spirit with us.  With no more movement on the writing planchette we tried with hands on the table and asked spirit to move the table, to which he obliged and started gently rocking the table.

Our second group was much less active, and as the guests started to look very relaxed with their fingers on their glass, possibly too relaxed, I asked spirit to wake up the guests, to which we were all surprised when we heard something loud falling on the floor.  This was one of the ghost pros, which was in Graham’s (guest) pocket.  However he was sure he had half zipped up his pocket…..

The third group wanted to start with the writing planchette, and all wearing blindfolds.  Immediately the planchette started moving around the paper but no visible message given.  As the energy felt very strong I suggested removing their fingers until just one person was left touching.  We were all amazed when the planchette didn’t stop with just one finger left.  The spirit seemed to want to play rather than write a message as the planchette was continually taken to the edge of the table and over the side, moving along the side fast when asked.  When the planchette was put back on the table and asked to moved in circles it did.  Again the guests tried removing their fingers until just one left touching, and although it stopped moving around the table/paper, the planchette started tipping up and down, very unusual, definitely a playful spirit.

Whilst four guests were doing this, one guest was holding the Ovilus III, and the following words came through; SIX (of which we replied yes there are six of us) COUNT (we replied by asked the spirit to count how many spirits were with him) FIFTEEN !!

With my fourth group we started with the writing planchette and Ouija board but no movement.  We did hear whistles in the corridor and encouraged by this we asked spirit to copy our whistles, of which we had replies.  However after a short while the whistles we were hearing changed to be more animal like and on checking we realised a bird had started replying to us.  We did hear footsteps in the corridor which sounded like someone walking through a puddle, of which there was one just inside the entrance.  We then did a séance circle in the corridor, and Matt & Karen’s  (guests) arms started moving up gently.  They took it in turns to ask spirit where to move their arms, of which spirit obliged.  One guest felt like someone pushing the backs of legs.  With no more than just gentle swaying/movement we stopped.  The guests then went back to the table and tried the Ouija board but only little movement.

Then for the last hour the guests had the opportunity to explore on their own…

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