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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 26-10-2013 (Kym)

Fort Borstal, Rochester – 26th October 2013

Area: Officers Mess

Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

When I entered the area with the first group of guests, the last few people thought they heard footsteps behind them.  They did stay listening out and thought they heard them again.  Equipment handed out guests had an opportunity to explore.  With the dowsing rods guests were asking spirit to point where the spirit was standing, when asking the question “do you want us to leave” the rods pointed to the door.  One guest started feeling cold around the bottom of her legs, asking where spirit was standing the rods pointed to that guest.  The spirits that were with us were possibly Sgt Andrews that is often here, a soldier from WWI, and a female.  When one guest was pointing the rods she felt them being pulled away from her.

With my second group, kit was passed around and they went off to explore.  Again guests were able to interact with the spirits using the ghost pro’s and dowsing rods.  We had some KII activity at the end, but this was the only time all night.  When guests were using the pendulums, they were able to ask spirit to draw a large circle, then stop at their request.

With my third group we handed out equipment and all went off to explore except two female guests that stayed at the top of the corridor with pendulums.  We were very surprised by the high activity we had with the pendulums rotating, swaying, stopping and vibrating all at our request.  After about 20 minutes of this we all stopped abruptly when we heard a loud female scream down the corridor.  Rushing down we found one guest had had her hair touched, quite forcefully as if someone had run their hands up through her hair.  We all stayed in this room for a while as we were hearing noises but couldn’t be sure if they were coming from other guests.  We then started seeing flashes of green light around the room.  Reluctantly we had to leave as our time was up, but knew we all wanted to come back later in the free session.

With my fourth group we all stayed at the top of the corridor to see if we had the same pendulum activity as before, however little movement with the pendulums but a lot of movement with the dowsing rods.  We asked spirit to rotate/spin the rods around like a helicopter, and to our surprise one started rotating very quickly.  All guests had an opportunity to explore the area, but were keen to return to base for the free session.

With many guests wanting to return to the Officer’s Mess with a table to try glass work/table tipping, Sue (team), Jason (team) and myself returned there with initially four guests.  Immediately with just the guests on the table the glass started moving.  The movement increased rapidly and the guests were able to ask spirit to move the glass in many different ways ie. draw shapes, draw fast circles, stop and change direction immediately when guests (and team) said “now”.  The guests did try asking spirit some yes/no questions but the spirit seemed reluctant to communicate, seeming just wanting to impress.  We then removed the glass and the guests stayed on the table to try table tipping.  The table started rocking gently at first, and then much faster at their request.  We asked for the table to lift up one side, which to our surprise it did.  Then to all our amazement the table went up onto one leg and started rotating, resulting in the guests having to run around the table.  The guests were also able to ask the spirit to stop and change direction – which it did!  This was the first ghost hunt event for these guests (as with many of our guests tonight) and I’m sure it won’t be their last.  During this session Jason (team) left the area saying his chest was feeling tight, on checking he felt much better after leaving.  Some more guests joined us and wanted to try some glass work, and again the glass started moving, although not as rapid as before.  And again we tried table tipping, which the guests experienced some movement.  A great end to the night!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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