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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 20-10-2012

FORT BORSTAL 20th October 2012

The team were all very excited to have the opportunity to investigate this venue for the first ever time, and we were not disappointed.

Carl was with me in the Officers Mess all night, and with our first group of guests we had a lot of communication with our Ghost Pro Meters. The spirit that was with us was a prisoner from the prison opposite aged between 20 and 30 years.  He passed over within the last 50 years.  He had murdered someone but was sorry for what he had done.  Later the name Jim came through on the P-SB7 and Jim confirmed that was his name.  We also had a German Airman come through on the Ghost Pro.

The second session brought through the same two spirits, and guests were feeling unexplained touches.  Carl had the taste of blood and had to leave the area.

At the start of the third session we had excessive KII activity and extreme coldness.  We held a seance circle, and immediately guests were being moved in many different directions, with their arms being stretched to the ceiling then down to the floor.  Team and guests were asking out loud and in their heads where to move people and spirit were obliging.

The final session of the night guests were given the opportunity to choose where to go.  I stayed in the base room with some guests.  We tried communicating with spirit using the ouija board but nothing, so used the ghost pro.  We established a young boy was with us, aged under 10 and liked playing here with his friends.  I had the name Ben which he confirmed was correct.  We placed a led ball on the floor encouraging movement but nothing.

Great night ~ can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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