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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 18th July 2015

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 18th July 2015
Rochester, Kent

This event was a little different than our normal events because we had a group solely for our VIP Privilege guests (

The VIP’s started with me first as I held a séance in the Caponier. I have started to move the team around into different areas at this Fort because too often we as team members stick to certain or favourite rooms, so on events that we visit regularly the team will generally be working in different areas than previous times.

During the séances in the Caponier we were joined by two male spirits, one called Cecil who was stationed here in the Second World War as a gunner with the Territorial Army, City of Rochester battalion. Their job was to man the anti-aircraft guns at the Fort and help protect Chatham Docks. The other spirit was called Philip and he was a British pilot who crash landed between Fort Borstal and the now non-existent Fort Bridgewood. Philip did not die from his injuries although he suffered terrible burns to his left side.

During the séances guests were moved by their arms around the room, pulled to the floor, pushed against the walls and had their arms raised as high as they could stretch. Many people also felt that they were swaying although they did not notice at first and it took the people standing next to them to tell them. Cold spots that moved around the room were common, although this particular room is open to the elements (there is no door) but it was warmer outside than inside.

After we finished our controlled sessions guests were allowed to venture off on their own to hold their own ghost hunt and to use our equipment to do so. Many guests had strange and paranormal occurrences whilst investigating on their own.

All in all this was an excellent ghost hunt and the VIP’s were asked what they enjoyed about the night, these videos are on our YouTube channel at

There are also videos from this event which can be watched at

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