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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 15-2-2014

Fort Borstal Paranormal Investigation and ghost hunt 15th February 2014
Rochester, Kent

This event was always going to be different as it is the first time we have attempted a paranormal investigation. This involves setting up one area with our CCTV monitoring equipment. We had intended to set up two areas but the staff attending this determined how much we set up. In the end I decided that we would do both a ghost hunt and a paranormal investigation, this was a brave plan because it meant that there would be four groups, however two groups at a time would be involved in the paranormal investigation whilst the other two groups would be participating in a ghost hunt.

As always I chose the counterscarp galleries for my sessions, which meant walking up and down 200 steps each session.

The first group Jo (GHE second Medium) joined me and she picked up on a relatively recent spirit by the name of David, both Jo and I could sense him and I described him as being either late 20s or early 30s, fair hair, fair skin wearing modern clothing including jeans and we both had the impression that he was from the 1980s.

Asking David to move the guests started well with the majority of people feeling gentle arm movement, although very quickly Dianne (Guest) to my left felt a downward pressure on her shoulders and she was forced onto the floor, sometimes her head was also pushed onto the floor, which Diane found very amusing. The rest of the guests were pushed, pulled and generally manipulated by their arms and Jo kept asking for the spirit to knock off my hat. Many times I saw out of the corner of my eye hands looming towards me and I was able to duck out of the way.

There was also another male spirit called Justin present. I have seen this spirit before and he was just laughing at us and the strange positions that David was able to push us into.

The second group we ventured into the same room hoping that these guests would also be able to feel David energy, but instead there was just Justin (the laughing spirit). Once again after asking out for everyone to be pushed or moved in some way I saw a familiar spirit energy; Capt Daniel Bedford who frequents this part of the fort and he quickly started to lift the arms of the guests and when I asked for people to be pushed he very quickly moved people into his “trademark” position. This position is pushing people against a wall, to get people against a wall he drags one person and because we are all holding hands as part of the séance we all have to move. When we are closer to the walls it is then easier for Capt Daniel to pull people backwards against a wall. This happened three times in three different directions with Jo, Justin & Lee (guests) being pushed against a wall.

When we weren’t being pushed against the walls there was lots of arm movement with just about everyone being moved in some way, usually the guests found themselves swaying or rocking uncontrollably.

Towards the end of the session we all heard a strange “Woo Hoo” noise this sounded like a child’s call of excitement.

The third group to this area didn’t have as much movements as the previous two groups however there was still some gentle arm movement and some gentle swaying to a few guests, one guest was moved by her feet in a ballet style movement but generally the spirit movements were weaker, although the group of guests didn’t encourage the spirit to move them and obviously if you don’t ask to be moved then you won’t be moved. Spirit need to have your consent.

The fourth group only had some light arm movement, no pushing or swaying of any kind but this group didn’t really want to be moved or touched and the spirit therefore didn’t move them.

All in all this was a great ghost hunt and paranormal investigation and the audio and video recording from the paranormal investigation side are still being analysed and anything interesting will be published as soon as the analysis is complete.

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