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Fort Borstal (leader 3) – 4-5-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 4th May 2013
Rochester, Kent

My area was the Old Officers Mess for the night, and of we went with my first group.  We started with Ghost Pro’s and two different spirit energies stepped forward to communicate with us.  The guests wanted to try the Ouija table which gave us some slight movement on the glass, and trying table tipping had some slight movement/vibrations.  However many different noises were heard: taps on wall and metal, the sound of chains rattling (although on checking after the owner had been outside moving the gate), however one noise sounded like one of the chairs in the corridor moving across the floor.

Returning with my second group, as we all stood in the corridor we all heard a female sigh.  Checking with each other none of us had made this sound.  And whilst we were standing in one of the rooms, Marc (team) & friend joined us and said he could smell perfume as he walked down the corridor, but as he entered the room where we all were, he couldn’t smell it no more.  The guests wanted to try the Ouija table straight away, and as they all put their fingers on the glass it started moving immediately.  We established the spirit that was with us was Sergeant Tony, age 48, passed in 1868.  We asked if there were other spirits with him, he said yes – 8.  Then the table started rocking gently, so we took this as Tony’s request to do some table tipping.  On removing the glass, the table started rocking more, giving the guests some amazing proof of what the spirits are capable of doing.  After plenty of table movement, it suddenly stopped and we all felt Tony had left us, however the table started moving again, and the guests thought a female spirit had joined us.  By asking the spirit to tip the table one way for “yes” and another way for “no”, we found out the spirit was female, and not happy.  Her name was Daisy, and was abused by men.  She needed our help passing over.  We then did a séance circle and helped her pass to the light.  The guests then wanted to try table tipping again, and the table started moving again.  Again with the table tipping yes and no, we found out we had a male spirit, called Simon in his 20’s.  One of the guests who is sensitive sensed he was very fit, athletic and muscular, tall, protective towards women, and a nice man.  He was able to move the table in many different ways, often spinning on one leg, and at one time sending Chris (guest) to the floor.

I returned with my third group and after a short wander around with kit, the guests wanted to do the Ouija table.  The glass started moving and we established the spirit with us was French, age 36 from 1945.  He had a sweetheart and two children, who he still visits in France now.  When we asked his name he gave us a mixture of letters and numbers, which when asked he confirmed was his rank number.  Whilst I was standing watching the guests on the table, I looked to my left and jumped when I saw the spirit.  Approximately 6’ tall, wearing a dark grey uniform.  When we asked spirit if I had just seen him, and the details he answered yes.  We then removed the glass and asked spirit to move the table.  The table kept rocking gently, and when we asked spirit to lift the table up on one side, the metal legs would creak and then the table would lift.  This happened a few times, and always when we asked.

At this point the controlled sessions were almost finished and the guests had the opportunity to choose where to go.  They chose to try the Ouija board to see if any spirits were still there.  The glass started moving and started spelling “KILL” continuously.  At this point we knew we need to stop, so after putting a stronger protection around us all, we asked the spirit to move the glass to the middle of the table and stop, of which he did and we removed our fingers from the glass.  We returned to base with the intention of asking Steve (medium) to come back with us, however his guide had just informed him of the spirit that was with us.  His name was Micky, was a bad energy, had a huge sword and wanted to recreate something; we weren’t brave enough to ask what that was.  Steve’s guide went off to send the spirit on his way….

A great night !!!

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