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Fort Borstal – 27-09-2013 (Kym Paranormal Investigator)

FORT BORSTAL GHOST HUNT  27th September 2013

I was looking forward to tonight…knew that it would be a great night!  Fort Borstal is fast becoming a special place to us all.  And with my first group ready to go we set of for the Officers Mess.  After explaining to the guests how to use the kit (Ghost Pro’s and KII’s) we all explored the several rooms off the long corridor.  With the Ghost Pro’s lit up everyone was able to ask the various spirits different questions.  We then tried the ouija board and writing planchette but no movement, however we were hearing various noises and tapping around us.  Encouraged by spirit present we tried some table tipping, and were all extremely surprised when the table started rocking very gently, with all guests touching the table very lightly.

Fort Borstal

With my second group, again after a brief explanation of kit, everyone explored the area.  We then wanted to try the ouija table and had movement with the glass immediately.  The spirit gave us T K as his initials, and aged 9.  We then felt the energy change, and the spirit confirmed he was a sargeant.  The spirit didn’t seem to want to answer any questions so we let the glass move wherever.  The glass was moving continuously in circles and when any of the guests asked in their head for the glass to stop and change direction it did, including to those not on the table.  The guests also took it in turns to ask the spirit to draw various letters, numbers and shapes – to which the spirit responded.  Or if the spirit didn’t want to draw the letter, the glass would find the letter on the table and go there.  The glass was then moved all around the edge of the table, being very careful not to drop off the side.  The glass then very quickly stopped, so the guests continued exploring all the rooms, some with dowsing rods which amazed the guests when they moved whilst they were holding them.  Wendy & Andy (guests) went down to the last room and felt a male spirit with them.  We had placed a stone on the floor earlier and Andy was asking spirit to move it, but whilst asking this he could see lights above the stone.  Andy also felt a strong blow on his neck.  Wendy was feeling very uncomfortable in that room, and after a previous bad experience at Rye Castle had decided to come and find me.  They then wanted to try table tipping so the three of us tried this, and immediately we had the table rocking gently.  I called the other guests to join us, and some more joined in.  The table continued to rock, becoming more rapid, with eventually the table lifting off the ground.

Fort Borstal experiments

With the free session I joined Wendy & Andy in the Caponier and we had movement on the ouija board.  The spirit said he was male, aged 8 and the initials T S.  Andy also heard a male groan twice.  We then tried some table tipping but with only some slight movement we decided not to stay.  I then took my first group back down to the Officers Mess and with only 20 minutes left we went straight to room 4 for some table tipping.  Immediately we started feeling the table moving: rocking gently at the start.  Then with all our fingers very lightly on the table, the table started moving more rapidly.  All of us were amazed at this.

Fort Borstal - Pendulums

A great end to an amazing night!

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