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Fort Amherst

Event Showcase: Fort Amherst

History of Fort Amherst

Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent was built to protect Chatham Dockyard after the invasion by the Dutch in 1667.

Construction of the fortifications started in 1755. The site chosen included a chalk pit with a number of caves. These caves were extended between 1776 and 1805 to provide an underground labyrinth of tunnels. The tunnels contain many interesting and important features including; a well, privies, loopholed defences, cannon positions and defendable gateways.

In 1820 the defences were declared obsolete due to better artillery equipment with a greater firing range. The whole of the fortifications were used as a training ground during the Victorian period.

During WWII the tunnels were utilised by the Anti-Invasion Planning Unit and Civil Defence, who used a section as their headquarters. This is where Civil Defence was coordinated for the North Kent.

Ghost Hunting

We have been investigating #FortAmherst since December 2014 and we have had lots of very good nights with loads of paranormal occurrences. Lots of good evidence has been witnessed, not necessarily recorded but our guests have had some amazing personal evidence.

We have also heard disembodied whispers, voices, coughs, whistles and spoken sentences, some of which have been recorded, but the best evidence is never recorded and when it happens to a guest they either can’t explain what happened or don’t believe what they just witnessed. Fort Amherst is one of those places where the evidence has to be witnessed.

Our favourite areas are; The Upper Gun floor for all activities especially table tilting and séances, the Civil Defense rooms for EVP’s, tech & gadgets

You can watch our evidence at

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