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Fort Amherst – 4th March 2016 – Steve

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 4th March 2016
Chatham, Kent.


This marks 10 years of me going to Fort Amherst for ghost hunts, I have no idea how many times I’ve visited, one day I’ll work it out but needless to say that every time I visit something different or interesting happens on a paranormal level.

My first session in the Upper Gun floor the guests experienced lots of movement; arms being lifted, swaying, pushing and being pulled backwards. One guest also felt being prodded in his back as well as feeling cold spots. This was all attributed to a young male spirit called Jez or Jeremia. He was 15 or 16 years old and from 1660s and was a Soldier.

In the Sally Port I saw a dark mass, like a shadow behind two of the guests although there was a female spirit in the room as she was waiting for us to leave.

The second group once again experienced lots of arm movement, pushing and swaying. Although this time there was a more Nordic feel about it. The arm movements were that of a Nordic greeting.

Once again cold and warm spots were felt by the guests.

There was also a female spirit from 1700s but she did not give her name and continued to watch us.

The third group didn’t experience much at all, although they didn’t ask for anything to happen or seem to engage with the activity.

All in all, an excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests getting some paranormal occurrence or evidence of the paranormal in their sessions.

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