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Colchester Town Hall – 28th November 2015 (Kerry)

Town Hall ghost hunt 28th November 2015
Colchester, Essex


The Mayor’s Parlour – Pendulums, Ouija, Writing Planchette

At the start of my first session we began by using the pendulums, and each guest had movement although some were taking longer to get going than others. Most of the guests established their yes and no directions and were communicating with spirit either out loud or in their heads.

We didn’t have much movement with the glass when doing Ouija, as it seemed spirit did not want to communicate in this way and kept moving the glass to goodbye.

We did however have a very successful session with the writing planchette, as it started moving more or less straight away, and was continuously doing so around the paper. We kept asking spirit to draw something for us or write their name or initial, and when we looked at what had been drawn, it looked like a bird. We also had a lot of activity on the ghost pros, and it was as though two different spirits were arguing with each other, as one kept contradicting the other. During this time, we started to hear taps on the table next to us where no one was sitting. I then asked spirit to copy my taps, to which it immediately did so. Guests were amazed by this, and a few of them also did some taps, to which spirit once again responded.

In another of my sessions spirit drew the letter J and the letter I with the writing planchette.

During my final session we contacted a spirit named Robert via the Ouija. He told us he was from 1865 and had a wife called Gill and a 6-year-old son, Anthony. He then told us that his son was strangled by a man called George, so Robert killed George and then killed himself by running under a horse and cart. He said that George was always with him tormenting him, and that they are both bad men. We asked Robert if he had a message for us, and he spelt out “will see you”. When asked if he meant he will see us in the cells downstairs, as this is where we were planning to go afterwards, he responded with yes.

At the end of the night we had a free session so we went down to the cells, and myself and Kym held a séance with the guests. Some of the guests including myself were being pushed slowly to the right and a couple of people’s arms were raised. We also heard some whistles, which sounded like they were coming from one of the cells.

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