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Charlton House ghost hunt – 3-5-2014 (Sue)

Charlton House Saturday 3rd May 2014
Greenwich, London

This was our first visit to this amazing location and I was very impressed by the beauty of this magnificent building. I was based in the library which had formerly been a chapel.

1st Vigil Group B
We started our vigil in the downstairs part of the library. We could immediately sense the presence of a spirit gentleman who was stood watching us from the back of the room. He had a stern personality and was approx 56years of age.  We started by using the Ouija board but only had a little movement on the glass. Our sprit gentleman was causing the ghost pro to light up red but he wasn’t willing to answer any of our questions. Both a female guest and myself see at the same time, a female spirit run across the length of the upstairs room on the left hand side. This female spirit was approx 23yrs old with long blond hair, she was wearing a long dress and seemed as if she was running from someone but who it was she was running from we never established.
We decided to move upstairs and try some table tipping. The table moved the whole length of the library but glided rather than spun. Through out the night the table continued to move and was very active. The ghost pros continued to flash to red and we did get answers to some of our questions. The thing that got us most was the extreme temperature changes. Even when stood in front of the radiator that was ON we kept getting cold spots and a lot of the guests were getting cold breezes across their face and hands. We felt as if we were being watched again but as soon as we went upstairs it felt like the spirits had gone downstairs and when we were downstairs it was as if the spirits had gone upstairs. For the final 15 minutes we decided to go back downstairs and all spread out on the chairs. I began calling out and asking spirit to interact with us and make a noise. We heard several loud noises. The sound of a loud tin/metal sound but we couldn’t find anything in the room that had possibly made this noise. A chair sounded like it had been dragged and did actually move slightly. A lot of the guests were getting tingling in their hands and fingers and one female guest said she had been pushed in the back. For some reason all the men said they felt quite and subdued but they couldn’t explain why they felt like this but everyone was aware they were being watched.

2nd Vigil Group C
My team member Carl joined us for our second vigil. We started off downstairs with the Ouija board and the glass began to move straight away and also the ghost pro light up red to indicate spirit was with us. A guest and I could smell a chemical type smell and also smelt a sick smell. Shortly afterwards we began talking via the Ouija board to a nurse called Anne she wouldn’t give us her age. Anne said she had been a nurse here in 1942, Anne never had any children but she had been raped by a gentleman called Jack Parr who was 28yrs old. The guests kept looking over their shoulder to the far end of the room. It was the gentleman spirit from the 1st vigil staring at us. We went upstairs and the guests did some table tipping. I had moved the table into the larger space at the far end. The table did not move as quickly as it had on the first session but it gently rocked from side to side. The table tipping continued with some good results. Some of the guests that were not doing table tipping were looking over the balcony to the downstairs part of the room and said they felt like someone downstairs was watching us. We all moved downstairs but Carl (team) stayed upstairs so he could film us by putting camera on the balcony and looking down at us. We all took a seat downstairs and began calling out to spirit. We heard footsteps several times and a noise came from upstairs behind Carl. A female guest screamed as she had looked round and thought she had seen someone sitting next to her. Another guest said she had seen a shadow of a man. As Carl came down the stairs we all heard footsteps behind him. Again everyone said they had the feeling of being watched. Several female guests said they had been touched on the hand or had tingling sensations and also people noticed the sudden temperature changes.

3rd Vigil Group A
My team member Kerry joined us for the 3rd session. Again we started on the Ouija and straight away the spirits were communicating with us on the board and answering our questions.  One female guest felt very light-headed and sick and had to move away from the Ouija and a male guest suddenly got a nose bleed. We decided as some guests were being affected we would go upstairs and do table tipping and Kerry remained downstairs with the other guests and continued on the Ouija board as they was getting good information. Upstairs five guests were having very good results with the table tipping and spinning and moving from one end of the room to the other. Three male guests asked to use the bigger heavy table to see if the same thing would happen. All five guests started using the bigger heavier table and the results were the same with the table moving etc. The three male guests were not convinced that the table moving was real, so I suggested that just the three of them take the table to the opposite end of the room and try it with just the three of them. Kerry stayed with the remaining guests and they were also having great results with the table. I and the three male guests went to the opposite end of the room and to the guests amazement the table moved in the same way as it had before with just the three of them on it. I was stood their just shinning my torch so they could see where they were going. They were shocked and said “how can that happen?” “We must do something to the table to make it happen”. I said would you like me to go away and leave them alone, they said that they would like this. So I moved to the opposite end of the room. Within a few minutes I could hear their table being moved, so I shouted out is your table moving? They shouted back “yes we can’t believe it”. I went back to the three male guests and they said “how is it possible?” They turned the table upside down put their torches on and looked all over the table to see if they was anything we attach to the table to make it move. Obviously they couldn’t find anything attached and they asked what kind of table was it, to which I replied it’s a table that’s £9.99 from Argos!
The other guests were all having a good time but the session had come to an end.

It was now free time and the guests can now explore anywhere they like in the building and have full use of our equipment. The three male guests that had not been convinced by the table tipping asked if they could use a different table and see what would happen. I gave them a different table and they went off to a different part of the building. I later caught up with them and they were in a different room with just of the three of them table tipping. They were now convinced that table tipping is real and does really happen and were quite amazed. I explored the long room and several other rooms including the basement.

Charlton house is a huge beautiful building. I cannot wait to come back as I feel there is a lot more to be discovered. So many noises have been heard through out the night and the constant feeling of being watched and sudden temperature changes. The young lady I see running who or what was she running from? I cannot wait to come back and find out.

Special Thanks to all the guests.

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