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Charlton House ghost hunt – 3-5-2014 (Kym)

Charlton House ghost hunt 3rd May 2014
Greenwich, London

Area: Cellar
Equipment: KII’s, Ghost Pro’s, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Glass Work

All the team were looking forward to this venue – we get just a bit excited at a new place.  I was in the cellar for the night, so went down on my own to get a feel for that area.  Standing in the dark with ghost pro, I had a spirit standing behind me – I asked if he could touch me, and felt a prod on my lower back.  When I mentioned this to another team member she had read about an older male spirit pinching female’s bums here – well that was a first!

Group C – Kerry (team) joined me on this session with Jason filming.  Kerry & I started with the eight guests showing them how to use the rods & pendulums to communicate with spirit.  We had male & female spirits with us, a total of seven confirmed.  Four guests with Kerry started some glass work, whilst I showed the remaining guests the other areas in the cellar, which they explored with kit.  Kerry & guests had a female spirit with them, who had been a patient here in the 1920’s.  We asked her to use the glass to draw her age when she passed – 27.  We asked her to draw the first letter of the illness she died from – L – we asked leukaemia – no – we asked lymphoma – yes.  We asked her to draw the first initial of her name – M – then second intial – A – asked if her name was Margaret – yes.  She also confirmed she was not married, but had a daughter – called Bobby – who was with her in spirit.  Noises were heard when everyone was in the same area – a thump down the corridor twice, and two taps on the floor in front of Jason whilst filming.  The latter happened after we had asked spirit to make a noise.  Cold touches to our hands – on and off the glass – were felt.  Kerry had also felt a touch on her left shoulder.

Group A – I started again with showing guests how to use the rods & pendulums.  We then moved to some glasswork.  Five guests did this whilst the three guys went to expore wth kit.  They had been in a room asking for spirit to make a noise, and myself with guests had asked spirit to go and make a noise near them.  As they left that room a large bang was heard.  They came to check it wasn’t us, and I encouraged them to show me what had happened.  There was a large metal door lying flat on a bench, and when we banged it that was the sound.  They then stayed near there again whilst I returned to the other guests, and again the three guys came running back to us very quickly – they had heard and felt a loud breath next to them.  I swapped the guys with the other guests to try some glass work.  The glass started moving and I asked James (guest) to think of a shape and ask spirit to draw with the glass – the shape drawn was a triangle which was what James had been thinking.  Spirit then started drawing circles with the glass, and when James & Joe asked spirit to stop and change direction in their head – to their surprise the glass did exactly that!

Group B – with the third group these guests (two groups of four) had been on many ghost hunts with us before, and initially half went to explore whilst the rest wanted to try glass work.  The glass did move a little, but not much so they tried some rods & pendulums.  The other group were having a lot of KII activity.  After 30 mins guests swapped, and the group on the lone vigil didn’t stay in the cellar long – one guest was feeling unwell and had a headache.  Us that remained kept hearing footsteps running above us – I went to check twice and each time no-one had been walking around upstairs, and when returning to cellar, Carl (filming) could not hear me upstairs at all.  We stayed down a little while longer – and both KII’s on the table were lighting up to red continuously. We were trying the rods & pendulums too which were moving a lot.  Carl also heard a noise behind him – sounded like a metal grid moving.

Charlton House was a very exciting new venue – one we all can’t wait to return to.

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