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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 (Kym)

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


Area: Long Gallery
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija

Having a quick walk around with Louise (team) I saw a dark shadow of a person on the stairs.  We continued upstairs and whilst setting up with Louise we both had an uneasy feeling in one of the upstairs room, and whilst trying some table tipping in that room a door started moving, when checking inside, seeing nothing, Louise closed the door and it was pulled shut with force from her hand.  Louise decided she wanted to work in that room, and as we went to leave we heard what sounded like one of the chairs moving across the carpet, but couldn’t see any chair, or table had been moved.  On leaving again we heard the same noise again, but again couldn’t see anything that had moved.  The third time whilst walking out we heard it again but again saw nothing different.

With my first group we started with a séance circle to invite the spirit to join us, and whilst doing this one of the guests noticed his torch (which was turned on) move on the table.  Starting with the Ouija we were hearing noises and creaks around us, but with no movement on the glass we tried with the dowsing rods & pendulums.  The guests were communicating with two spirits, a husband and wife who had lived here.  We tried to work out the year, but we all had different: 1550’s, 1800’s and 2000’s.  Alex saw a light/orb with his eyes, and was getting a lot of activity in the area he was standing, using his dowsing rods.

With my second group we were communicating with spirits using the rods & pendulums, and whilst using the Ouija we were seeing shadows and hearing noises in the room.  But with only a little movement with the glass, we went to explore the adjoining rooms.  We were all drawn to the top of the staircase, sensing a female spirit that may have been pushed here.

With the last group, we tried the Ouija at the top of the staircase and did get some slight movement, but not enough to communicate.  However, myself and Eve (guest) were getting a sharp stabbing pain to the back of our heads, felt very sore and burning.  Tom’s (guest) head torch had also started flashing, and to our surprise when we asked for the flashing to stop/start it would do so on command.

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