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CCTV System

CCTV System

There are three main types of CCTV systems; wired and main powered, wireless and mains powered and battery operated and wireless. We have two of these; wired and wireless but main powered. The wired system is powered from a central hub and all the cameras are connected to this hub, cables can be connected together for a maximum distance of 250m without any loss of quality. The wireless system, the cameras are connected to mains electricity but wirelessly connected to the hub. At the hub (no matter which system is used) the screen of all cameras can be projected or shown on multiple displays.

The biggest problem is the time taken to set up these cameras, wired systems are better and have a better quality but it takes a couple of hours to get everything connected and making sure the cabling is safe. Wireless systems are quicker, but the signal can be interrupted by wifi and other radio-based systems.

However once set up, any cctv system is especially useful for guests to watch what is happening in areas that are either inaccessible or where people do not want to go (e.g. cellars/basements)

Some of the venues that we investigate we have used CCTV systems for many years and know exactly where to put the cameras to get the best quality, the whole setup for a 4 camera wireless system can be achieved in less than 30 minutes. A wired system for the same venue can still take 1.5hrs.

One of the other problems with a CCTV system is the amount of video that is recorded. If we have a 4-camera set up, and we have an event for 6 hours, that is a total of 24 hours of video. If there is no moment that we must watch, someone must watch all the video in real time to see if anything interesting has been recorded. This is a very time-consuming job.

We like these systems though as they add an extra dimension to the event. In the breaks people can watch what is happening in rooms and spaces where no-one is, or where someone has just left the room. Later in the evening guests particularly like to watch other people experiencing the different rooms and the activity that they encounter which can be entertaining!

You can buy a wireless 4 camera cctv system for about £150 – £180 or a wired system of 8 cameras from £300 on Amazon or eBay. However you may get a better deal from a cctv specialist like Spy Camera CCTV

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