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Burham Cement Works ghost hunt – 8-6-2012

Burham Cement Works ghost hunt – 8th June 2012

The first ghost hunt at this location proved to be a very productive ghost hunt with many EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) recorded and much KII and Communication from spirit, so much so that the communication from the spirit Emily has been found in history.

This information was sent to us

“20-year-old Emily Trigg (‘Ems’ to her sister) was a victim of murder near Blue Bell Hill in 1916. Her father worked in the quarrying industry, and the family lived at Blue Bell Hill village. Her remains were found toward Rochester, near Bridgewood gates.”

Read our first report

We will be returning to this location to try to gather more communication from Emily in the near future.

Our second visit however we did not meet Emily. Our first location a spirit by the name of Tim or Timmy made himself known to us via some very brief KII activity but mostly via our communicator. He was about 40 years old and looked rather unfit. When asked if he could do something that we all could feel, sense, hear or see he repeatedly said no. This was a man who said no to everything that we requested, although he did say his own name and Hello on our spirit box.

For info a spirit box scans the public FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse, therefore any words heard are not being broadcast because no radio station broadcasts anything in reverse.

Our second location which wasn’t too far from the first and mainly because it was a windy night Tim followed us but also a female energy by the name of Sarah joined us. She was approximately 19 years old and answered many of the guests’ questions via our communication device. She was wearing a blue summer dress but she did not tell me when she passed or the reason for her passing. She did however say many of the guests’ names and her own via our spirit box and some other information known only to the guests.

Our third location we held a séance and a male energy called Tony joined us. He was about 22 years old and passed in the 1930s. Tony pushed the guests and moved their arms whilst in the séance circle. He also made one person feel very hot and dizzy, so much so that the guest had to leave the séance circle and sit down as he was feeling unwell.

We tried an EVP experiment but nothing notable was recorded. No interesting photos were taken either, or rather we took many photos but due to the weather conditions (impending rain) nothing was photographed of a spiritual nature.

Once again the guests enjoyed themselves and we were lucky with the weather.

When we return to this location to gather more information hopefully on Emily we will post a report and any findings.

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