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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 19-10-2012

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 19th October 2012

After making our way into the woods, which considering it had been raining all day were unsurprisingly very wet. The witty banter of the guests stopped when the majority of the group screamed when a bird flapped through the trees, this made me smile because this happens every time.

I stopped on the path in the first active location, gave the guests some of our electronic equipment and then we waited for about 10 minutes before a male energy approached us. His name was Timothy Tregar and he was 23 years of slim build and had short brown hair. The guests then asked questions which were answered via the electronic equipment and we were able to establish that he was waiting for his wife and that he worked with ships in Chatham. Although he didn’t give me the exact year of his passing he seemed to be from the late 1890s. Whilst the questioning was going on one of the guests exclaimed that they felt a hand touch them on their back which made them all jumpy!

I decided that this would be the best place to hold a séance since Timothy was walking amongst the group and our KII meters were picking this up.

Within a matter of minutes Timothy was able to move the hands of some of the guests, many found this strange and odd as they were not expecting this type of movement. I then asked if Timothy could push or rock the guests. Almost immediately a group of three girls all swayed to their right and as Timothy made his way around the group several people were either pushed or swayed and after a few minutes everyone was being pushed in some way. Many of the guests reported that they felt like they were on a boat. Some of the guests during this time felt woozy or a little nauseous.

After we completed the séance I set up the laser grid and although nothing notable was seen in the grid I did see another male energy approaching us. His name was Jeffery and was approximately 55 years old and of a stocky build, mostly bald and had a full beard. He gave me the impression due to his smart clothing (a three piece black pin stripe suit) that he was a man of importance.

Once again some of the guests felt a touch or as if someone had brushed past them which made the majority (an 18th birthday party group) all huddle together. I then asked for the spirits to make a noise and many noises were heard, some admittedly could have been normal for the woods however there were some exceptions, like a loud whistle which sounded like the sort of whistle someone would do to call a dog. However given that it was about midnight and no one was walking in these woods this too made a few guests jump. Shortly after this some foot falls were heard behind everyone, which also made them jump & scream.

After using my Spirit Box to no avail we moved further down the path. Both Timothy & Jeffery followed us. We stopped at a place where there was much KII activity and once again the two spirits were using our communication device to talk to us. I asked on several occasions for them to make a noise and just about every time a noise was heard very close to where we were standing. One noise sounded like someone standing on a twig and snapping it, but given that the group were very still after all the other noises this once again made the majority scream and run away from the sound!

Strange and heavy foot falls were also heard in this spot along with shuffling noises, all of which made everyone feel very uneasy.

As I was standing towards the back of the group, as I too had heard the noises and was keen to see whether it was related to an animal, although in my opinion the sound was too loud for a rabbit, fox or badger, I noticed two spirit energies come towards us in a hesitant manner they were a shy pair of siblings, roughly about 14-16 years old, the older of the two was called Rachael and her brother was very shy but would not tell me his name. They asked for my help as they were lost so I immediately held a rescue and they were collected by what looked like their Mother.

After all of the noises many of the guests were ready to leave the woods as they had spent the last hour or so being scared. As I turned to them to explain that we were leaving the woods, there was a strange rustling or movement in the immediate area which scared just about everyone as this sounded like someone crashing through the undergrowth towards us, but when torches were pointed in that direction nothing was seen or heard.

Due to the fact that there was the sound of raindrops falling on leaves all of the night and it could have been raining whilst we were in the woods I did not do an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment as the sound of the rain drops would have been all that we would hear and equally because of the rain no photos were taken throughout the night.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests either heard or felt physical activity.

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