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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 18-1-2013

Bicknor Woods 18th January 2013
Bicknor, Kent

This was quite interesting just getting into the woods, since the first snow of the year had fallen the night before and had now turned to ice, so instead of walking, we slid down the hill onto the footpath.

Once in the woods there was a strange quietness, just the sound of a few birds taking flight that we disturbed whilst walking on the path. There was also some light snowfall, but nothing that would hinder or stop the ghost hunt.

Our first location I gave the majority of the guests some KII meters and a ghost communicator, the levels of KII were extremely high although this came in waves. Electronic communication was also high as a young male energy joined us, although he would not tell us his age, although to me he seemed to be in his late teens.

Various strange noises we heard in the woods, especially the sound of someone approaching as we could hear snapping twigs, as if someone was walking towards us, but considering our eyes had adjusted to the dark we could see if anyone was approaching.

Some guests took photos and one photo that should have been of a tree and a fence post had another vertical line in the photo which looked like another tree, however the object didn’t go all the way to the ground, whether this was snow is uncertain as a flash from a camera fires at 1/60th of a second, which would have meant that the object was travelling in excess of 12 feet per second!

At the second location a little further along the path another male energy made himself know to me. He was called Chris and was approximately 20 years old. Once again there were lots of high KII spike and some communication via the equipment.

The third location I started to use my Sprit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse). After asking that the spirit say one of our names or tell us the day of the week we heard “back” and “have it” but no names, unfortunately there was a lot of interference which I can only assume was related to the atmospheric low pressure. However many people reported seeing various shadows and  we all heard quite a lot of strange noises, some sounded like something heavy being dropped. Also some strange mists were seen and photographed.

At the fourth location which was back on the main path, we diverted to look at a tree that could have been easily used to hang people, as it had a branch at just about the right height. During the séance we were joined by Chris (the spirit from earlier) and an older gentleman in his 50s. Both these spirits were able to move the guests arms and push and pull some of the guests. Some people felt a swaying sensation (which is common for these woods) and a twisting sensation. Also during the séance we heard a lot of heavy sounds, similar to branches falling to the ground, but given there was no wind I cannot see any reason for branches to suddenly drop off the trees all around us.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were several clear responses, which can be heard at:-

Another interesting ghost hunt at Bicknor Woods which usually delivers some paranormal experiences and good EVPs

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