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Bicknor Church & Woods – 4-11-2011

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 4th November

On moving into the woods we started holding a séance to build the enrgy and almost immediately a male energy joined us, his name was Marcus and he passed in 1843, he was wearing a purple shirt, like a (Hollywood impression) pirate’s shirt. He gently moved Russ’ and my hands and gently pushed Gavin. During this time we all heard many footfalls along the pathway, which spooked many people since we had left a torch on the path was clearly visible and nothing was seen. Another guest Ben saw lights in the distant wood and from time to time we all heard the sound of mumbling, like women chatting.  The EMF Metre was left outside the circle and on many occasions this was showing high activity. Many cold spots were also felt by various people in the group, since it wasn’t a particularly cold evening and there was no breeze to speak of these cold spots seemed to be much colder than the breeze could have caused. Marcus (the energy) moved the hands of Mike and Tammy much to their amazement. After the séance Ben felt unwell and drained.

Whilst we were moving to the next location a strange buzzing was heard overhead, there seemed no reason for this. It felt like something flying overhead but no-one saw or heard anything.

At the second location whilst we were standing in a circle, many of the guests felt huge blasts of cold air, which was not caused by the weather because deeper into the woods there was little wind. After a while I and Ben both felt a sharp pain in our right knees, I didn’t sense a spirit who was responsible for this as it just seemed to come from nowhere. Also in this location we all heard footfalls and once again no explanation could be offered for this as there were torches left on and nothing could be seen to create the noise.

Once we rejoined the main path the EMF Metre was constantly showing all lights lit, the resultant energy was a female energy, she told me that she and her family passed in 1908 by suicide. Although she was now very happy and she made some noises around us, however whilst some of us could hear the footstep sounds, not everyone could hear them.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt at Bicknor and this is one place that does not seem to disappoint with regards to spirit activity.

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