Old Beneficiary School Ghost Hunt - Portsmouth. Hampshire - 2016

19th November 2016 ~ 8:00pm until 2:00am ~ Tickets £40 per person

Old Beneficiary School

Experience a night of ghost hunting at the Old Beneficiary School, now Groundlings Theatre in Portsmouth, Hampshire with Ghost Hunt Events on 19th November 2016, 8:00pm until 2:00am. Tickets £40 per person.

History of the Old Beneficiary School
Old Beneficiary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire was originally built in 1784 by the Beneficial Society, as a public hall and charity school for poor boys.

The downstairs floor serving as the classroom and the upstairs being used by the Beneficial Society for meetings, concerts and theatre. The school applied a very disciplinarian attitude to education and, indeed, a hook to which children were tied to receive punishment by the birch is still present amongst many of the original features.

It was not until 1837 that the previously boys only school, was opened to girls and a junior school was also formed in 1873. The school had to be closed in 1939 due to the outbreak of Second World War and it is said that a Nazi sympathiser used the roof of the school to direct, through a torch, bombers seeking to hit the Portsmouth Dockyards.

The school finally closed in 1962 becoming a youth training centre before opening in 2010 as the Groundlings Theatre.

In 1812, whilst attending a dance in the building, Elizabeth Dickens went into labour and shortly afterwards gave birth to her son Charles Dickens.
The man who became the Premier of South Australia 7 times and after whom Ayres Rock was names, Henry Ayres, was a pupil at this school.

The Old Beneficiary School is now home to Groundlings Theatre.

It is thought that there are up to 9 active spirits - the ghost of "little George" on the staircase and Emily in the classroom. Laughing children have been heard upstairs, not to mention the cheeky poltergeist who has been known to play tricks by moving objects.

The ghost hunt will include a paranormal investigation of the whole building, including the very spooky costume wardrobe, the theatre, backstage and the bar area.

What to Expect

Our team of experienced investigators will be on hand throughout the night so that you can participate in:-
- Séances (not allowed under Covid-19 rules)
- Vigils (in the dark)
- EVP (Ghost Voice) Experiments
- Ouija boards / Glass Divination
- Automatic writing, Dowsing and Pendulums
- Table tilting & rapping
- Use of our ghost hunting equipment
and much more with our experienced Mediums & Paranormal Investigators.

Event will include:-
- Group size 6 people (legal Covid-19 requirement).
- The number of groups depends on venue size.
- No lengthy briefings or workshops
- Controlled sessions & 45mins - 1 hour with our Mediums
- Free time for you to investigate / explore on your own
- Opportunity for lone vigils throughout the evening
- Regular breaks
- Complimentary tea and coffee available throughout the night in the breaks

We can't guarantee spiritual or ghostly activity but we can guarantee that everything you experience will be 100% real.

Please note

Over 18s only - No accommodation provided - Unsuitable for guests with limited mobility


- Face coverings will be required during the event.
- We will provide hand sanitiser and ask all guests to use this frequently at the start and end of each session.
- Some ghost hunt activities may be restricted/prohibited due to social distancing.
- Maximum 6 people in a group.

Old Beneficiary School Ghost Hunt
Date: 19th November 2016
Time: 8:00pm until 2:00am
Tickets: £40 per person - Deposit (£20) bookings available

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