Fort Borstal Ghost Hunt - Rochester. Kent - 2017

29th April 2017 - 8:00pm until 2:00am - Tickets £40 per person

Experience a night of ghost hunting at Fort Borstal with Ghost Hunt Events on 29th April 2017, 8:00pm until 2:00am. Tickets £40 per person.

History of Fort Borstal
Fort Borstal, Rochester, Kent was built as an afterthought from the 1859 Royal Commission on the Defence of the United Kingdom, by convict labour between 1875 and 1885, to hold the high ground southwest of Rochester, South East England. It is of polygonal design and was never originally armed. An anti-aircraft battery was based there in the Second World War.

During the First World War the fort was used as a stop off point for troops and stores travelling to France, as was Fort Amherst nearby, after this the fort was used by a T. A. unit, namely the 166 City of Rochester Battery Royal Artillery, for training. The fort was also occupied by a detachment of the Royal Marines from nearby Chatham.

With the serious upcoming threat of the Second World War four 4.5" anti-aircraft guns were installed above the front casemates in preparation of the hostilities, each gun was set into a permanent concrete emplacement. Ammunition was transported to the guns via a light railway. The fire control post was situated above the rear casemates, most of the casemates were used as magazines for the A.A guns ammunition. During this time many locals believed Fort Borstal was the home of a 'Big Bertha' Gun, this belief was due to the guns being electronically fired simultaneously giving off a massive boom and sounding like just one large gun being fired. The gunners were accommodated within the fort but other personnel stationed here were housed in a large hutted camp just outside the entrance where the NAAFI could be found.

Since Fort Borstal has been under private ownership, we are the only ghost hunting company to investigate this fort.

This is a highly active place and one of the scariest Forts in Kent and very haunted with many tunnels and rooms which have been untouched since 1961!

The following was reported in National Newspapers
On 7th May 1883 During the construction of Fort Borstal, where 1000 convicts were employed daily from Borstal prison. A cutting was made through the centre of one ancient cromlechs (ancient burial site) connecting ancient sepulchral avenue at Addington with Kit's Cotty House near Aylesford. Inside the cromlech six perfect skeletons found in a sitting position, with drinking vessels & implements of warfare.
On 22nd February 1894 during the construction of the Fort a man called Munro, who was employed at Fort Borstal, fell off a scaffold & broke his neck.

One not to be missed!

What to Expect

Our team of experienced investigators will be on hand throughout the night so that you can participate in:-
- Séances
- Vigils (in the dark)
- EVP (Ghost Voice) Experiments
- Ouija boards / Glass Divination
- Automatic writing, Dowsing and Pendulums
- Table tilting & rapping
- Use our ghost hunting equipment
and much more with our experienced Mediums & Paranormal Investigators.

Event will include:-
- Usual group size 8 people (but may be a maximum of 12 on rare occasions)
- The number of groups depends on venue size.
- No lengthy briefings or workshops
- Controlled sessions & 45mins - 1 hour with our Mediums
- Free time for you to investigate / explore on your own
- Opportunity for lone vigils throughout the evening
- Regular breaks
- Tea and coffee available throughout the night in the breaks

We can't guarantee spiritual or ghostly activity but we can guarantee that everything you experience will be 100% real.

Fort Borstal Ghost Hunt
Date: 29th April 2017
Time: 8:00pm until 2:00am
Tickets: £40 per person - Deposit (£20) bookings available

VIP tickets available at Fort Borstal for £5 extra per person, see VIP info for information.


Book Fort Borstal on Saturday 29th April 2017 - £40 per person - 14 tickets available


Book Fort Borstal on Saturday 17th June 2017 - £40 per person - 18 tickets available


Book Fort Borstal on Saturday 29th July 2017 - £40 per person - 20 tickets available

View all our evidence from Fort Borstal.

Read our Investigation Reports from Fort Borstal.

Fort Borstal is available for private bookings, see Group Events for more information and pricing.

Location of Fort Borstal

What Happens at the Event
Indoor Events
Our events are always 100% investigation and vigil events, we won't waste time by taking you on a history tour of the venue.

We will not usually talk about the history of the building unless people ask us to do so.
We don't hold workshops or briefing on equipment usage. Any equipment that you will be using throughout the event will be explained at the start of each session by our team leaders.

For the first few hours (usually 1 hour per session) you will be in a group and you will spend time with our Mediums doing séances, where they will try to get the active spirit to move you in some way (this is not designed to scare you) and with our paranormal investigators doing experiments, table tilting, glass divination, Ouija boards, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments and other equipment experiments using the latest ghost hunting equipment.

After these controlled sessions you will have the opportunity to venture off on your own or in small groups to explore the venue or to hold lone vigils or re-visiting an activity that you enjoyed in our controlled sessions. In this part of the night you can use our ghost hunting equipment to do your own ghost hunt. You may take photos/videos with your own cameras throughout our ghost hunts. You may also use any of your own ghost hunting equipment during our controlled sessions.

What our customers say about this event (previous 8 comments):-
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12 November, 2016

Fort Borstal

Thank you for an amazing night !!!!!! And amazing experiences specially with the table heading to the stairs !!

30 July, 2016

Fort Borstal

Thank-you for an enjoyable evening. The kids loved it and it has left us all eager for more.

29 May, 2016

Fort Borstal

Another great night at Fort Borstal last night. Thanks to you and the team for making it so entertaining.

13 November, 2015

Fort Borstal

Had a fantastic night!! Thank you very much for a lovely experience!

30 October, 2015

Fort Borstal

Thank you and the team for a great evening on Friday at Fort Borstal. All of my group really enjoyed the experience and will be back again taking part again soon

23 October, 2015

Fort Borstal

What a fantastic night at Fort Borstal, definitely got more than what we asked for, can't wait for the next time! Thanks

17 October, 2015

Fort Borstal

Me and jazz loved it we are still recovering from that night :-). Absolutely brilliant night just wished we could of stayed in there longer to catch more activities

18 July, 2015

Fort Borstal

Thanks for a brilliant night on Saturday in Fort Borstal my friends have still not quite recovered from the table tilting

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