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British Schools Museum Ghost Hunt
Venue: British Schools Museum - Location: Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Date: 28th September 2024 · Time: 8:00pm until 2:00am · Tickets: £49 Per Person

British Schools Museum (Sept)
Tea/Coffee provided for free
Tea/Coffee provided for free
Lots of Walking
Lots of Walking
Over 16s only
Over 16s only


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The British Schools Museum is in original Edwardian and Victorian school buildings in Hitchin in Hertfordshire, England. The museum complex is made up of school buildings housing infants, girls and boys schools with houses for Master and Mistress. It includes a monitorial schoolroom based on the educational theories of Joseph Lancaster for 300 boys, which opened in 1837, and a rare galleried classroom, dating from 1853.

The first school on the site was a schoolroom for 200 boys and 100 girls. It was founded in 1810 by local lawyer William Wilshere in a disused malthouse. This schoolroom was the first monitorial school for the sons of the poor in Hertfordshire. Teaching was based on Joseph Lancaster's methods of monitorial teaching. He developed a system in which large numbers of younger scholars could be taught by older scholars under the supervision of the master (for boys) or mistress (for girls). This method continued until the Revised Code of 1862 that brought in the Pupil Teacher method of teaching.

The school grew steadily and to such an extent that in 1837 a new schoolroom was built that could hold 300 boys. This was completed in 1838.

In 1857, it was decided by the School's Board of Trustees to completely rebuild the Girls' and Infants' School. The new building was completed in 1858 together with adjoining houses for the Master and Mistress.

It remained as a school until 1969.

Ghostly Activity includes full body apparitions, loud footsteps and crying voices.

Date: 28th September 2024

Time: 8:00pm until 2:00am
Ticket Price Per Person: £49

Tickets Available: 22
Minimum Guest Age: 16 years old.

Deposit payment available (£20 per person)

Events for Groups

Ghost Hunt Events can organise your Private overnight ghost hunt for your group. The maximum number of people will be determined by the venue.
Ghost Hunt Events will organise an unforgetable night which you'll be talking about long after the ghost hunt. You will go to a haunted location for an overnight ghost hunt.
Spend a night in a haunted Castle, Fort or Mansion? You watched the TV shows, now experience a real ghost hunt for yourself.

See Private Group ghost hunts for more information

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