APO Membership

Ghost Hunt Events have created a subscription club, known as APO members.

What does APO stand for?
Simply this stands for "Authorised Personnel Only"

This is a subscription club for £40 per year which will enable keen ghost hunters to join and in doing so you'll be credited with 100 reward points (worth £10 when converted to a voucher).

You'll get an exclusive code to use on all your future bookings to receive a 10% discount off the ticket price.
Plus this code can be used in conjunction with vouchers for even more discount.
This voucher code is unique to your membership and is valid whilst your membership is active.
You can use this voucher as many times as you wish, the only condition is that it is for your sole use, you cannot let your friends use it.
All memberships are verified manually (as are bookings), so please be patient, your membership will normally be processed within a few hours and you'll receive an email once processed.

As the membership grows we'll hold APO member only events, free gifts and special offers


Membership Benefits

- Unique 10% discount voucher for use on all future bookings
- Instant 100 reward points
- No more Liability Waivers to sign (you'll give your consent digitally when booking)
- Advance notification of new venues/investigations
- Free Gift on signing up
- 40 Reward Points awarded quarterly
- Automatic VIP at events where we offer VIP tickets

Terms & Conditions of APO Membership
1. Memberships are non-refundable
2. Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of sign up, PayPal Subscription will automatically take payment every year.
3. The 10% discount code is valid only for bookings made from the email address you use when signing up to the membership.
4. Up to 10 people can be booked onto events using the discount code.
5. You will receive more frequent emails from us.
6. There may be events where we are unable to accept discounted bookings.
7. Anyone who is booked under your booking (and you) give consent to waive your liabilities.

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